Monday, September 13, 2010

JP Hand Straight sampleSo about 6 months ago Chris and I bought a T.V. (finally). At first the plan was just to watch dvd's, but Cirac of course found a way around THAT one and somehow connected our cable to the neighbors. That lasted for a good month- Cable company wasn't down with our fiendish ways I guess, and since I just can't justify paying for cable, it was back to Red Box, and I have to say: those were some good times.
Here's the Thing:
Red Box didn't sustain us for long (lets be honest, there's like the same 10 movies to pick from every week and all the new ones are always checked out) so pretty soon, it was just Chris, Molly, And I. Nothing else to fill up that small and precious gap that we have after working for the man from 9-5, except each other. And as contrived as this whole thing might sound, without the noise filling up the small moments we rarely have in this OUT OF CONTROL fast paced world we have to survive in, I started feeling like I was in some sort of...60's  sitcom like the Wonder Years or something, except it was AWESOME. I'm talking: HOMEMADE dinner (yes folks, I cook now), evening walks, playing fetch with Molly at the park, among other things...all the good stuff that MTV's "16 and pregnant" was taking away. 
For the record, I don't miss T.V. one bit (not even DAWG the Bounty Hunter).
 3 1/2 months so far!!!! 

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

JP Hand Straight sample









XOXO- Senorita Stephanie

Saturday, September 4, 2010

JP Hand Straight sample

Yes, I know the stereotypical reaction you get when someone tells you that their little brother plays in a band, and "seriously, they are really good"-Yeah right.
My little brother plays in a band, and SERIOUSLY...they are really, really good. 

Check out Gypsy Cab at Velour on Saturday, September 11th
(or just come hang with Chris and I, cuz we will be there)