Monday, April 30, 2012

Introducing: Amelia Kate Cirac

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Last Sunday,our little girl Amelia Kate decided to join our family. We are absolutely in love. I never knew I could love someone so intensely and quickly, and so much.
I went into labor at 6 pm on Saturday evening, and for 12 hours straight my contractions were only 7 minutes apart. After what seemed like an unbearable eternity, I finally woke Chris up at 6 am, and told him that we needed to go to the hospital even though they probably wouldn't admit us, because my contractions weren't close enough together. I had planned to have a natural birth, but on the way to the hospital, my contractions became more intense and after 12 hours of labor, I was starting to change my mind. When I got into the labor and delivery room, some of the nice nurses asked how I was doing, I instantly started crying like the way you do when you are dealing with something painfully upsetting, and you walk in the door and your mom asks you what's wrong in a soothing voice.
 They checked to see how far I was dilated and despite how far apart my contractions were, I was at a 6. At this point my contractions were starting to last for 3 to 5 minutes, to compensate for how far apart they were. When they asked me if I was going natural or medicated I started crying again and said "I don't know anymore!". I eventually decided to get the epidural, and I'm glad I did considering I had 9 more hours to go.
I had a HUGE fear of getting an epidural. In the first place, I don't like people messing with my spine, and I am paranoid about getting paralyzed. Luckily I can still walk, and it didn't hurt a bit. The rest of the labor was heaven, minus the pushing at the end.I'm still an advocate for natural birth, and am going to try it with my next little babe, hopefully it will be a much shorter birth. 
Amelia had a few complications, namely, and tight cord around her neck, which caused her to swallow a bunch of meconium fluid and she needed help breathing for a few days. I remember being in the room getting all stitched up, and having her whisked away, Chris going with her of course, and asking over and over again if she was going to be ok- but the nurses never gave me a for sure answer. Loving this little girl so much is almost painful at times, knowing how devastated I would be if anything ever happened to her. Luckily, after 2 days all was well, and now she is a beautiful, healthy little girl. 
 Being a Mom is the most difficult, yet rewarding job in the world- and I'm only a week into it! Sometimes I go into a moment of thought when I look at her and think about all the things that could happen to her and  all the threats there are on this planet, but then I remember that she survived 9 months in my tummy, and made it into the world ok- That in itself is a miracle, and hopefully the miracles keep coming.

Also: Chris is the best dad ever and Amelia absolutely adores him.

Amelia scratching her face with her long nails (sigh). we gotta file those things.

A tired but very happy mama! Holy cow, I'm a  MOM!

Monday, April 16, 2012

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Our baby girl is due this Wednesday! I don't know when she will actually decide she wants to join us, but I think (minus a few small details) we are finally ready for when she does.

 On Saturday after we finished the last of our deep spring cleaning for her arrival, we decided that we should do something "crazy" together since it could be our last weekend, just the 2 of us. We brainstormed ideas, and then decided that we first better go to the grocery store, since it was on our to-do list for the night. At the grocery store we got a little crazy and decided we would shop backwards starting in the drink section, working our way to produce. On our way through the aisles we thought that if we were going to get wild, we better get some ice cream (we NEVER buy ice cream) and so we stopped in the frozen section, and each picked out our own mini tub. I almost opted out halfway through the decision process and got some frozen yogurt, but we stayed strong and I picked out Ben and Jerry's pistachio ice cream, which might I add, is the most calorie saturated of them all, due to the handfuls of nuts stashed inside.

That afternoon we had our carpets cleaned, and so all our furniture was scattered throughout the house. The original hooligan plan, was that we would leave it all out until the next day, get in our bed without making it (sheets were just out of the dryer),  stay up really late, and watch a movie. If this is getting too out of control for you , don't worry because after about 5 min of being home and putting away all the groceries we couldn't help ourselves. We started not only putting the furniture back, but re-organizing all the rooms. About 2 hours later, when we were ready to get into our messy bed, we decided we really should make it first, and then finally we were ready for a late night and a movie.

A few days ago, a dvd from Netflix "showed up" in our mailbox. It was season 6 from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" one of our all time favorite TV shows. We have recently banned this however, because (despite how funny it is) the last few series have been getting increasingly more crude and I always feel guilty after watching it. Chris said he hadn't ordered it, but there it was, and as a last hoorah before our parenting days begin, we watched it, ate ice cream in our freshly laundered bed, and as always, laughed really, really hard (because "It's Always Sunny" never lets you down in that category). As for staying up late, I think we only made it through about about 2 episodes, because I woke up around 2 am and it was still playing. We however, had been asleep for quite sometime.

That was our wild and crazy evening. And that was how I realized that we are officially un-cool. I don't know when it happened, just kind of crept up slowly I guess. One day you are going to dance parties, and get togethers, crashing at each others houses at 3 in the morning without washing your face and brushing your teeth, waking up at noon the following day. The next thing you know, a fun night out consists of grocery shopping, and organizing the furniture in your house with your significant other. I loved every minute of it.  
Pics of the Baby room: 

I originally made this little bird mobile to go over the crib, but then we moved the crib. 

My friend Leah made me these adorable stained glass stars and birds

And Sadie made this darling little sock monkey! My friend Dallas Brooks painted a darling little bird for the baby as well, but I'm still finding the exact right spot for it. I have such talented friends!