Wednesday, February 15, 2012

JP Hand Straight sample
This year was a Valentine's to end all Valentine's.
Chris and I went to the temple in the morning, just the two of us and were finally sealed. I don't think there is anything that could have topped that, needless to say that all on its own made it the best Valentine's day ever.
We spent a little bit of time together afterward, and then I told Chris to scamper off to work for a few hours so I could get a "few things" done. Our usual Valentine tradition is to stay in a lodge somewhere and go skiing, but under the current conditions it wasn't really an option this year. (I can't even balance on one foot in yoga anymore with this pregnant tummy). It was so much fun to celebrate V-day at home! I hung a few hearts, and whipped up some angel food cake, collaged a card, assembled a basket of some of his favorite things, and felt like I should have been wearing a polka dot apron or something.
Chris picked me up at 7 for dinner at Black Sheep Cafe. It's like Navaho food but gourmet style, and it's incredible. They just opened, so check it out. Not so incredible: bringing the wrong card. Ya that was embarrassing. Thank you technology for giving us online bank access through phones.
After dinner we made a visit to Grandma Mauree's house and dropped off v-day cookies and flowers, and then finally HOME. I love being at home. I especially love being home when I get to sit on my bed, under a heart mobile with my valentine.
I Love being married. 
and I Love v-day, even if it is just an economic ploy to make us spend a fortune on flowers and chocolate each year.    

YES. These are the dollar candles that you can get at Smith's in the latino section.
I like them- don't judge. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

JP Hand Straight sample

Last week my mom called me and asked me if I wanted to come over and meet with this lady about "Choffy". I had no idea what she was talking about, but around 4:30 headed over anyway. Come to find out, Choffy, is like coffee, except with cocoa beans. It comes out hot and water based like coffee, except it smells and tastes like chocolate (unsweetened of course, and no caffeine). It's pretty much the best thing ever, so I ordered some and it is now a part of my routine breakfast. In fact, the only thing I don't like about Choffy is asking someone if they want a cup. It is a really lame play on words and I get embarrassed every time I say it.
SO, while I'm not a fan of blog advertising (to all my MANY blog fans), I gotta say: GET SOME. Especially for all the coffee yearning Mormons out there (Sadie Carlson, that is for you). 

Also: Chris and I decided to start juicing about a week and a half ago (much attributed to the documentary Fat, Sick, and Almost Dead). Aside from the excessive hassle of cleaning the dang juicer, it has been AWESOME. Tons of energy-breakfast of champions for sure. We have tried tons of recipe's- some good, and a lot not so good. Somehow Chris manages to chug them down even if they taste wretched, but not I. SO: If anyone who happens to read this has any good juicing recipe's (preferably anything that tastes like V-8 juice, or Orange Julius or... a strawberry shake) PLEASE share them with me, because apparently everyone on google has horrible taste buds.

As of today I am officially 30 weeks!!!!!! I have finally been forced to buy maternity pants. I can't believe we only have 10 weeks to go before we meet her. I worry all the time about whether or not I am going to be a good mom and do all the right things, or whether or not she will be healthy, or how to stay calm when she starts crying in that really grading manner because she is upset, and I can't figure out why etc. Despite my feelings of inadequacy, I am SO very excited to be a mom. I really can't think of anything else I would rather do. And thinking of Chris being a dad is really sexy for some reason. 

- 3-D Ultrasound: Not worth the $- don't do it. they kept cutting off her nose when they were editing the pic, leaving a big hole where it should have been. It also didn't help that her eyes were open the whole time making all the pics look slightly UFO ish. (except I kind of think it's awesome that she had her eyes open the whole time too).

- Watching my stomach ripple when she moves: insanely cool, never gets old. I once watched a stand up comedy where they were making jokes about pregnant women and how they think they are the only ones who have ever been pregnant before, and won't shut up about it for 9 months. Everyone was laughing the whole time. I finally get why that was funny. 

- Guess who passed her math class???? I don't think I have ever been more proud of a C in my life. One more semester to go.