Thursday, December 27, 2012

How Chris saved Christmas

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I'm a traditionalist, and when it comes to holidays, I'm a RIGID traditionalist. This year, the holidays conspired against me. My mom, who is the keystone to Christmas had to work every single day last week and thus, only half of her decorations made it up. "Christmas Swing" our favorite holiday c.d. was not played ONCE this year, Santa left treats in "Beatles" bags instead of stockings (that part actually wasn't so bad) and the fire was never lit. I pretty much went haywire when my fam started unwrapping presents at THE SAME TIME (big no no in our house), and my dad TOOK OUT the christmas music to put in his Led Zepplin music dvd. 
My mom tried really hard, despite how exhausted she was from working so much to make things like they are every year- she set a beautiful table, and hung some bulbs over the doorways last minute-but you could just feel it- Christmas this year was a little unruly, a little chaotic, and UN-traditional to say the least. We even watched "Saturday night fever" on TV mid-day- WHO DOES THAT???

Chris got me a Bonsai Tree for Christmas even though we weren't getting each other presents this year (Which is amazing considering I have wanted one for so long but haven't even brought it up in forever). After all the RUDE comments about how the tree was never going to survive because of my "negative energy" and "The tree can sense your stress" and "You're talking way too loud for the tree's comfort" etc.(you know who you are)were over, I was inspired by this little baby Bonsai, and went the "Eastern" route and let the family enjoy the rest of their unorthodox holiday-
Without trying to control them.

He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still.
-Tao Tzu

Madi Made each family one of these signs. She hand carved the stamps, built and stained the frame and is the best sista EVA.

Above: Christmas Rebels.
Below:(Also a Christmas rebel) The Led Zeppelin music dvd .

Emergency Essential backpacks- in case of natural disasters or earthquakes (naturally).

Above:  Amelia Bedilia and her toys from Santa
Below: finger puppets from Peru that my mom has saved for years.

 Madi looking Badass.

Yours Truly.
 And then the rest of the day was amazing, and we went to a movie that wasn't Christmasy at all, and ate very un-christmasy things like leftover pasta. 

Clearly we know what my New Years Resolution should be. Hopefully my baby Bonsai will remind me every time I walk by it.

When I let go of what I am, I become what
I might be.  When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need.
-Tao Tzu

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bath Time

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Is there anything cuter than a baby bum in the bath tub?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Christmas post...

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(sorry for the cheesy title..but seriously, it is.)

Every year my mom hosts her annual cookie party exchange where guests bring 3 dozen cookies and leave with 3 dozen different amazing Christmas cookies. I look forward to it every year- just wouldn't seem like Christmas without it. This year she said she was retiring. 
 Not to worry, Pat Stika, a dear family friend took it under her wing, and as with everything she does, it was magical and amazing as ever. 

 Below: My mom and Pat- aka: magic makers

On another note:
Finally the Cirac fam got festive. I was holding back on decorating for Christmas until we got our wood floors put in, but sometimes things don't have to be perfect, and holiday magic can only be put off for so long. So this year we will be celebrating Christmas on worn out carpet, and patched up walls- fine by me.

Our house is not the only thing that isn't perfect this time around. On our outing to pick our usual Charlie Brown inspired tree, I spotted a scruffy looking little guy at the very edge of the lot. It looked so sad there by itself. the employee at the tree lot told us that they all made jokes about the possibility of anyone ever buying it- branches shooting out in every direction, limbs hacked off all the way down the trunk. Pretty sure my heart grew like 10 sizes in that moment- couldn't bear the thought of leaving it. And that was how we ended up with the cheapest tree in the lot. 

 Below: Tree shopping before we found our little stray

 Amelia (nicknamed "Mona Lisa" by my grandma for consistent half smile) hangin out while we decorate the tree:

 Picked up these amazing stockings while traveling in Turkey awhile back. They were worth all the extra room they took up in my miniscule backpack. Dedicated to Brad, Chris and Camille, who thought I was crazy. I should have bought more:

Finished product!  This tree took THREE separate trips to the store at 2am to complete. Apparently scrawny trees take a LOT of lights. At that point, we were on a mission, no one could have stopped us from finishing this thing. Dedicated to the guy at the tree lot: Booyah.
Notice that black wire in the background? The Comcast technician thought that would be the best place to install the connection in our house. SERIOUSLY?

And then this Cat came to visit:


Monday, December 10, 2012

We Bought a House!

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It's been a wild month, if there ever was one! To recap: On November 1st we moved from our cute little top floor rental home....

To This:

Still don't understand the wood paneling hype: (above)

But apparently, It was a big enough deal to cover the whole kitchen with it:(below)
Might seem like a down grade...but we have a vision for this place! And now we live on an "Avenue" so that pretty much makes up for the endless panelling, nasty carpet, unnecessary walls, built in planters, and the DRYWALL-ing (big thumbs down on that one). Right?


Happy to report, Mills is settling in nicely: (below) 

And we are thrilled to say the least:)