Monday, June 27, 2011

JP Hand Straight sample
My new mission in life is to be able to sustain myself fully on a garden someday, and I have become pretty set on it- so Chris (gem that he is) built these two AMAZING garden boxes for our backyard a few months back to practice with. Considering I really know nothing about gardening (except how to grow jalapenos, which require little if any maintenance) the task at hand will most likely be a long one BUT so far we have succeeded in growing lettuce, beets, shallots, and radishes from seed- woot! woot!

 The rest, we started with partially grown plants, which I KNOWWWW is cheating, but I still feel pretty cool ok?

Things I have learned:
- Strawberries are a big disappointment
- Mint will overtake your garden if you don't watch out
- Lettuce is surprisingly cake to grow
- Radishes from the garden taste different than from the store- and I can't tell if it's good or bad?

*I am beginning to feel like the more I learn, the less I know? 

 First Bell Pepper!
 Beet leaves

  Don't judge me.

 Sneak Attack

 Chain link fences and orange extension cords make classy backgrounds? 
 This is what Chris looks like when he talks to Molly

mixed with a little 8th mile vibe.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

JP Hand Straight sample

These guys killed it last night! They have an album coming out in September that you can bet I will have my hands on. 
Good luck Patrick! see you in a month- xoxoxoxoxoxo

Monday, June 20, 2011

JP Hand Straight sample
My little Brother is going across the U.S. to be the guitarist for Desert Noises...a band who has created a surprisingly fresh and eclectic sound. My skeptic attitude regarding the complete transformation from my brothers usual rock/blues roots to this, was immediately softened the second I heard their free flowing unique vibe. Although I personally prefer a heavier, blues derived feel when it comes to music, I am awed at the way Patrick is able to deliver in so many different genres of music- Needless to say, I have no hesitations regarding these guys.

This Friday is their opening gig at Velour, before they take off across the states. COME CHECK IT OUT!!! 

Patrick: When did you get so OLD? I will miss you. Be careful couch surfing. Stay away from strange women. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

JP Hand Straight sampleTurkey, Turkey, Turkey. My traveling experience in Turkey reminds me of the first time I tried tea. I associated drinking tea with the finer things in life, or rather, refined taste-buds (and if anyone's taste buds were refined, they were going to be mine). I soooo soooo wanted to like tea, and drink it like the English do, pinky extended, handling fine china... possible biscotti?  I very much did not like tea... AT ALL. I couldn't even get down more than one sip. So I opted out for predictable hot chocolate. Please don't get me wrong: The tea, is not Turkey- Turkey is beautiful. The tea, is my traveling experience in Turkey. I Sooo wanted to be that adventurous traveler, with my backpack, staying in remote locations, becoming one with the locals...possible visa? But while turkey is astoundingly colorful, energetic, and is also INSANE (Istanbul) and I found myself missing the comfort of reliable hot chocolate, and ready to get home- While Turkey and Greece have everything that I condemned America for not having, after 2 weeks- there's no place like home(On a smaller note their lack of Mexican food could have never kept me alive for long). All in all my travel experience in Turkey, was one of the most educational and insightful moments in life.

Out of all the ruins I saw in Greece and Turkey, Ephesus, (located in Izmir, Turkey) where Paul was known to preach, and St. John rumored to have taken Mary, was the most incredible. If you ever have the chance go to Turkey, the four things you MUST do, are take a day trip to Ephesus, go to the Turkish bath houses in Istanbul, see the Hageia Sophia, and go to the spice bazaar. On Istanbul: I have never seen a city so vibrant and full of culture. There is ALWAYS something going on there- Chris kept saying that if we were Jim Carey in "YES MAN" we would have never slept- people are always inviting you to have Cay (pronounced CHAI) tea, take you around the town, join them for drinks, etc. It was incredible.

On the Spice Bazaar: I am proud to announce that I am still in the business of refining my taste-buds, and at the spice bazaar I purchased a few herbal teas, which I am going to force myself to like. I think all of the teas and spices in the whole world were in that little market- so I am bound to enjoy one of them.

The turkish people are known for their craftsmanship in pillows,rugs etc.

Best Eggplant I ever had.

Pics of Ephesus (my camera died less than halfway through)

The tea they drink alllllll day

Hagia Sophia

probably on spin 500 here.

Istanbul at night!

Me looking overwhelmed before enter the SPICE BAZAAR

Chris just loves me


Also: I bought a turkish rug, which is now my most prized possession (besides this guy of course).