Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cinco De Mayo

JP Hand Straight sample

One of the first and things Chris and I found out that we had in common when we were dating is our love of mexican food.
I think throughout the whole first year we dated, we ate at Del Taco everyday, and Breakfast burritos every single morning. 
I'm pretty sure that sealed the deal for the both of us.
It's no coincidence that Casamiento (rice and beans) literally means "Marriage" in the Spanish language.

Chris and I have started our own tradition to throw a Cinco de Mayo party every year. This year, the holiday landed on a Sunday. Since every Sunday we have dinner at Grandma's house with all the cousins, we decided to bring Grandma's dinner down to our place. The Hansen clan is where my mexican food lovin originated from. 2 generations of mexican restaurants later...I assure you there could not have been more appreciative guests. 

Get ready for picture overload:
(Sadie, this hysterical figurine couple doing the Paso Doble is for you;)

Christian, our Guacamole man. sporting the logo from our Grandpa's first mexican restaurant.

Madi & Arch

Chris served a mission in Honduras (when we first met, I thought   Honduras was in Mexico-still haven't lived that one down). In Honduras he learned some pretty cool skills- like how to build a stove from a trash can, and make his own corn tortillas.

It's pretty sexy. let's be honest.

Aunt Diane, wooing babes

Yours truly

Mom & Dad

Kali & Patrick

Sarah & David

Ryan, Terry, Mom, Austin

Sydney & Davis

Grandma & Kate

Jeff & Aurielle

Em & Mills

When you spend all day cooking and getting your house ready, other things have to be sacrificed...like your hair looking good.
Then Sydney who is an awesome cook, brought these AMAZING Tres Leche Cupcakes...with Mustaches.

Above: Chris Rigging the Pinata

Below: after all the girls had a go at the pinata, this lovely lady stepped up to bat. She said:
 "Swinging at a pinata tells a lot about a person you know" ...

(thanks Terry for the awesome pics)

Until Next year!!!