Tuesday, September 25, 2012

If you are a Tamale lover...

JP Hand Straight sample
If you are a Tamale lover, you want this recipe.(Actions photos of the pro tamale maker herself, My MOM)

Green Corn Tamales:(makes 12)

-24 ears of fresh corn
-1/2 lb corn meal
-1/4 lb shortening
-1/4 lb unsalted butter
-3/4 cup sugar
-1/2 cup of half and half cream
-1 tsp Salt
-12 one oz strips of cheddar cheese
-24 oz can Orteza chiles
-Parchment paper cut into squares
-White cotton string (optional)

*For best results, corn MUST be fresh (aka: not from a grocery store). We learned this year what a difference it makes when you don't.

1)Husk 24 ears of corn, making sure to keep the husks:

2) Blend Kernels with cornmeal a tsp at a time. In a separate bowl, beat shortening and butter together until creamy, add sugar, half and half, salt, and corn mixture. Stir well:

3) Prepare Chilis (cutting them into halves or thirds) and Cheese slices:

4) Assembly:

5) Wrapping. Wrap between 3 and 4 husks around the filling making sure nothing is leaking out:

6) tuck the top of the husk underneath the tamale to make a nice package:

7) Place the tamale on parchment paper (I prefer to do it on the diagonal) and wrap like so:

8)  Optional: After wrapping some people like to tie string around the parchment (like a little present), to keep the tamale contents secure. I have found that if you pack the tamales tightly, whether it be in a plastic ziplock to freeze, or into a steamer to cook, they don't come undone. 

9) Pack them tightly like soldiers and steam!(about 45 min, check to make sure the water doesn't run out or they burn)

*The cream from the tamale mixture tends to separate easily and drip out. There is no problem with this as long as you are cooking them quickly after assembly. For this same reason you cannot refrigerate them for long or they go bad. Freezing and then thawing is the best way to go if you aren't cooking them that day.

10) And there you have it:

Monday, September 24, 2012


JP Hand Straight sample
Every September (when the corn is in it's prime) my Mom hosts her annual Green Corn Party for our mexican food loving fam. She and her 5 brothers and sisters grew up working in my Grandpas restaurant Poco a Poco in Boise, ID. So far all the generations to follow have a great appreciation, or should I say obsession with great Mexican food.
 Once Chris told me that the people in Honduras call rice & beans (their staple food) "marriage" because of it's perfect harmony and balance. I couldn't agree more. 

 Below: Cousins!!!

 The happy couple: Davis and Sydney recently engaged! congrats you guys.
  Tim and Kaitlyn
 David (having a Scott Bentz moment) and Sarah
 Sadie and KC ( might as well be cousins). 
Jeff and Auriel 
Christian (our Guacamole man) and Mikaela 
Patrick (right) and his date for the night, Steven.


& Maddio

 This girl!

 Some babe watching by my man, and Sierra (the brain of our family).

 Our usual exchange of crazy antics and world views. Clearly Amelia and Olive are not amused.  

 Until Next September! 

Friday, September 14, 2012

California Part 2

JP Hand Straight sample
After a 6 hour drive from Huntington Beach to San Fran with the babe, these wild hooligans greeted us with a legit Hansen style mexican dinner, recipe's handed down from our Grandpa John (founder of Poco a Poco) himself. Thank you Brad.

Camille, Brad, Heidi, Jeff, Me, Amelia, & Chris

Hour old tacos- the only picture I managed to get, just doesn't do it justice.  

Babe lovin on babe

The former "Duke of Seattle" - now Duke of San Fran.

(Wondering if this bridge is earthquake proof)

Brad and Camille live in the heart of SF. They have a fabulous little place about a mile from the Wharf. Right before our trip I started getting psyched about the great "Utah Earthquake" that is supposedly 100 years over due, and the day before we left I insisted on purchasing at least 300 $ worth of earthquake/end of the world supplies. (This is probably not surprising to people who know me well). It didn't help that on the plane, I watched a show called "preppers" (people who prepare for the end of the world), and that while staying at my in laws house, I came upon a special on the history channel, featuring Nostradamous and the end of the world prophecies. 
Earthquakes, Natural disasters, let's just say that once I arrived in San Fran and saw all those darling houses stacked right on top of each other, Utah started looking a whole lot better. It was the perfect solution for my paranoia, although I might need to send these guys some 72 hour kits in the mail. 

Taking the Ferry to Alcatraz. 

Above: These love birds will be official on July 19th 2013!!! 

Below: Look at this cute lil honey bear babe I have! I got to bundle wrap her all up the whole time. Chris kept taking her hat off & insisting she didn't like it, but Amelia and I both know she did.

And of course: Fishermans Wharf. Yes I walked around with the camera around my neck and much to Chris' dismay looked like a tourist the whole time. I had to capture this amazing city. It definitely has a vibe of it's very own.

Good Bye San Francisco! We will miss you!!! Please don't have an Earthquake. xoxo

Dog lovin on Babe.