Monday, July 23, 2012

A shower for Sadie

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This last Saturday, I threw a baby shower for one of my best friends Sadie, and her soon to come, bebe Olive. Isn't Olive the cutest name ever? 
I started off the day with some yoga to get some good vibes flowing. 10 minute later, I backed into someone at the Smiths parking lot. With that as the prelude to my day anything but good vibes were flowing. The weather I had been following on my phone for the last 3 days predicting that Saturday would be "sunny" suddenly changed, and a picture of a rain cloud appeared in its place. And about 2 hours before people were supposed to arrive I lost my phone and wallet (complete panic attack) which come to find out, were underneath the seat in my car the whole time. I kept looking at the sky and it's looming clouds, just daring it to rain. Finally 7pm came, and went without a single drop. I owe mother nature a big one.
The weather was lovely, the guests were lovely, the night was perfect. 
Sadie is going to be an awesome mom, Olive is one lucky babe. Amelia is lucky too- she has no idea that she is about to meet her best bud. 

Guest of honor

PS: Can you find the hidden baby? haha. Touch by Mel Boyer  of course.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ringo Starr

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On Wednesday night Chris called me at 6:00 pm and asked if I wanted to go see Ringo Starr in concert- he had just scored tickets at his work. I would never give up a chance to see one of the Beatles in concert, so even though it was last minute, and we had the babe, I said "Let's do it."

Worst mom ever, or best mom ever? I guess Amelia will have to decide. For the record I covered her ears.

Below: Just a little "Yellow Submarine" Beatle lovin

Originally Chris and I had amazing seats in one of the suites. But then we found this girl. She and her guy Johnny were rocking out on the grass. Naturally,  we ditched our seats. Who needs a suite when you have a lawn and mass dance party?? Love my cuz.

 Below: this AMAZING photo was taken by a random guy who was jamming out by himself on a blanket next to us the whole time. Lesson learned.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Amelia's baby blessing

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This last Sunday was Amelia's baby blessing. It was the most beautiful day, and Chris did a wonderful job. I think giving a baby blessing in front of an entire congregation sounds so nerve wracking so I personally, was impressed- Amelia is a lucky babe. We had so much support from all of our family and friends, but somehow I failed to capture them all on camera! I am kicking myself. Here are a few of the good ones I got...

Darling Emma and Kaitlyn became BFF's...looks like Amelia made the cut too.

When I was about 4, and my sister Madi was 1, my mom worked in a little boutique in Arizona. She found 2 little blessing dresses and decided to pack them into our 72 hour kits, so in case anything ever happened, we would at least have little blessing dresses for our babies. 22 years later, and no disasters, Amelia's blessing dress cleaned up pretty nice.

 I never get to spend enough time with this guy! My little bro Patrick. Stayed through all of sacrament for me. That's real love.

cousin, sister, roomates, gone through everything together, love them.
My man and my wonderful father in law- Don't mess.
 Aunt Jackie wooing the baby bee
 She didn't like it as much when I did it.

Darling Lea and baby Kaiser.
Below: Lea's little man Lincoln. He had many plans devised for his newly discovered weapon.