Sunday, September 18, 2011

JP Hand Straight sample
For some reason this SNL skit makes me laugh every time- it's like a song that I try really hard not to overplay because I never want it to get old. Andy Samberg is golden.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

JP Hand Straight sample

To end the summer with a bang Chris and I went my with my family on an excursion to Goblin Valley last weekend. In Goblin Valley, you don't have to lay inside your tent at night wondering if every noise you hear is a bear outside your tent- because bears don't like the desert much (one of the many reasons I love it). Looking over an open field of sage brush or red sand has always made me feel right at home- From about the age 8 I promised myself I would live in Death Valley among the lizards one day and bask in the heat... I'm going to have to break that one- I almost died without A.C in our tents this time around. Definitely planning this again next year...Goblin Valley, I love you. Will you marry me?

I always post to many pics? Can't help it. 

                                                Good morning Patrick- you know you love this.

James was just loving his "multi purpose tool" that he got at rite aid for 6 $. Used for a number of things on our trip including bacon flipping.

 My dad was on FIRE during this hike- it was slightly freakish. He was bounding up hills and over rocks and yelling off the tops of mountains. Not a joke. Aren't you like 50 or something?
 I couldn't resist these darling pictures. Has water ever looked so good?