Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Amelia turns One!

JP Hand Straight sample

Our little Mills turned ONE.

She turned one on Earth Day, which is fitting since her daddy has a green thumb and love affair with mother nature.

We celebrated by throwing her the most chaotic party that most likely has ever been attended... the natural consequence of packing 23 people in a small house, 
and then 
inviting the neighborhood kids.

PS: Please excuse my horrible collaboration of picture editing- undergoing some unsuccessful experiments.

^^Do not be fooled by these pictures^^.
  It was crazy.
  I assure you.
Caitlyn & Jen
Kali & Patrick

Mom & Grandma
Tiff, Will & my man MAX

Em & Ry
James, Madi and Archer babe

Somehow we missed a picture of Sadie, Kc, and Olive (Most likely because Olive was screaming bloody murder due to the chaos that surrounded her), and the Giles fam.
Amelia, stoked on her Minnie Mouse, picked out especially by her boyfriend Nixon.

First Birthday called for an oversized,overstuffed, ginormous lion.

This is obviously our first child.

Below: Amelia's reaction to a room of 20 something people singing Happy Birthday to her...

Ya, she didn't care.

This was also her first time eating cake (or sugar at all for that matter). Also a very nonchalant reaction. Who is this child of mine? 

 And THISSSSS (below) is what my house looked like afterwards. 

 Anything for that little one year old of mine.

Happy Birthday Amelia Bear. We Love you to the moon and back!XOXO

Thursday, April 18, 2013


JP Hand Straight sample
Life has been CRAAZYYY. Good crazy. Lots of family, and the good kind of chaos that carries from one second into the next until before you know it, 2 whole weeks have gone by.
2 weeks ago (roughly) my sweet grandpa passed on. There are SO MANY wonderful things to say about him that it would almost be pointless (almost) to begin to type them all down, so for now I will just say that there are a whole lot of people down here missing him.
On the up side, Funerals mean FAMILY. Considering we are now all split across the american continent (really just from San Fran to Florida) It's a rare occasion when I get to spend time with my cousins Ariana and Heidi (and sis) at THE SAME TIME. This naturally calls for documentation aka: Cousin photo shoot, which has been happening since we were in pre-school:

I have been through thick and thin with these girls. No matter how long we go in between seeing each other it always feels like yesterday. Cousins are God-sends. 
The end. 

It helps that we are all just really....



sexy and good looking. haha JK 

But this lady (below) really is ridiculously good looking (I mean check out that red dress!) and responsible for so many wonderful generations. I look up to her so much. Never have I seen someone be so thoughtful, giving, and positive, in the face of doubt and uncertainty. 

You have a lot of great years ahead of you grandmama. 
you can do it!
xoxo- love your grand-daughters.