Sunday, March 17, 2013

Easter Festivities

JP Hand Straight sample

Decided to get festive last Friday with a little egg dye action- coupled with tea and cookies (any excuse to eat refined flour and empty calories). 

Wrong week for Madi to start her "No sugar" diet. 

We are STILL remodeling the front room in our house and after the eighth can of the wrong paint, and four months without anything on my walls, I decided that I needed to decorate SOMETHING. So I decorated my table.

The perfect guests for a house in ruins?
Your BFF...

 And a bunch of babies of course.
(I apparently wasn't invited to this party )

 Then we tried to dye eggs with fussy babes crawling around and crying in the background...

Mine got a little too quiet. 

Found her in the fire place. 


Happy Easter!!!