Tuesday, February 24, 2015

the longest update

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WHY can't I keep up on my blog??? I am doing an update of the last 5 months so that I can catch up. after that I will hopefully be able to get some more meaningful posts in, that have been on my mind.

Also: I am no longer wasting time on editing or filtering my photos. Ain't nobody got time for that. especially with an almost 3 year old breathing over your shoulder. 

October: I was still sick up until about the very end of October. So I'll just start there. Although, The throw-ups don't hold much weight though when there is THIS MUCH CUTENESS sitting on your couch<3
My mom found this little pig outfit for Amelia. Classic.

For Halloween Chris and I met up with Madi and my mom and took the kiddos around our neighborhood to trick-or-treat. We probably made it around 2 blocks, before they (aka: Madi) were over it. Two blocks in the tree streets is a cake walk.  To Madi's defense Archer wanted her to hold him the entire time (we all took turns).  Also I should note that on one of the blocks was Grandma Done's old house (spooookyyy) and that made up for pretty much everything (because duh). 
 Then we went home and had chili in orange bread bowls, and I tried to put spooky Edgar Allan Poe music on my doorstep to scare the trick-or treators. 

Grandma Jeanine in her annual witch costume (really wish you could see the bright red wig and cat eye glasses;)

November: Feeling GREAT in November. So great that for Chris' b-day (Nov 6th) I decided I would make him the best home cooked meal you could ask for. I slaved away allll day long (joyfully) and made a cake for Chris (braved a Martha stewart recipe), and a pot roast, rolls and cooked veggies tossed in rosemary and brown sugar. Other than the whip cream frosting which pretty much disintegrated within an hour, the cake was pretty dang good:

During this same time my friend Sadie had her baby, so I thought I'd kill 2 birds with one stone and make a separate roast for her and her family as well. According to my calculations I was supposed to take the roast out at 6 pm, and by this time I had also invited my parents over to celebrate at 7. when I pulled the roasts out of the oven, BEHOLD: 

Burnt to a crisp. Roast jerky. ALL THE HOURS- wasted. I did shed a few tears. I took a fork and scraped a few pieces of roast into a tupperware with some veggies, and rolls, and showed up at Sadie's with my offering. I probably would have been mortified if she wasn't my bff- but we both know these sorts of things happen. Then I called in some pizza. The whole night Chris and my dad kept grabbing forks and jabbing at the roast, eating little pieces, telling me how it good it was. (500 eye rolls). They are cute.
Now that its February, its almost funny.

Thanksgiving: This year we did Thanksgiving in CA with Chris' family. It's always so nice to have a home in sunny CA that we get to visit during the drearier parts of Utah. My in laws have the comfiest most welcoming home. I can tell Chris is totally in his element when he is there, and especially when he is at the beach, which makes me happy. I love these photos of Chris teaching Amelia about the ocean. (I know roughly 5 facts about the Ocean, so it really ends up being lesson for us both). 

We had a great Thanksgiving with the Cirac clan, and I'm kicking myself for not having more pictures. Usually if I'm having a fabulous time, I forget to take them- so it's a good sign. We actually were able to have Thanksgiving with both sides of the family this year, because Chris had to be back for Black Friday and there weren't any early enough flights. I think 2014 topped the charts for the best food I've had on BOTH sides of the fam (this is coming from someone who generally hates Thanksgiving food). Lisa's mashed potatoes, and Aunt Jeanine's cherry pie DOES IT GET ANY BETTER? 

December: the first week of December we found out we were having another GIRL! We were both very happy about this because we wanted Mills to have a little sister she could be close with. At this point having a boy seems a bit foreign, and Chris isn't sold on the idea, but I'm determined to replicate the Braverman family from Parenthood, so I guess we'll eventually need about 2. 

Her profile KILLS me. I just can't even wait to meet her.
 First flocked tree folks! I don't think I'll ever go back unless they become grossly out of style- and for those of you who are thinking "last time I checked they WERE grossly out of style" think again. mid century revival.
 But really it was so magical! Every year I am in a dash to take our tree down and free up the space in our living room, and this year I was so sad to see it go. 

My cute underdressed child. Somehow this always seems to be the case. 

Christmas eve set up 
For Christmas eve we had our traditional cheese soup in bread bowls, and chocolate mousse for dessert, at my house. Grandma Jeanine joined us, and we capped it off with the "bell" tradition- where each of us has one or 2 bells in a specific note (or if you are Archer and Amelia, you have 4) and you try to follow the provided christmas sheet music playing your specific bell at the appropriate time. Just know it sounded like REALLY good. 
After everyone left, Chris and I tidied up, and got to work. Surprising Amelia is pretty much my most favorite thing to do in the world, and so this was by far my favorite part of Christmas. For Christmas this year Lisa and Terry got us an amazing kitchen set from pottery barn to give to Amelia. Chris spent the rest of Christmas eve setting it up, and we talked, and watched Anchorman 2, and I wrapped a few things, and finally it was finished!  
Ta DA!
I literally could not sleep that night because I was SO excited to show Amelia what santa brought her. 

Christmas eve night it finally SNOWED which was so magical. Amelia woke up and didn't even know what to think about her new kitchen set. She was SO pleased, and kept pulling her classic "I'm trying not to smile" face. She immediately went over to the sink and pretended to wash her hands, but was seriously concerned about the lack of soap provided. HA. She is my daughter. She was also so excited to put on her first actual REAL COAT (are we the worst parents?) and snow gear, and was beside herself with all the snow. It was fabulous watching her.

We headed over to my parents to open presents and hang for the rest of the day. Below is my Mom's traditional Christmas breakfast. I mean...

Later that day we went to the movies while my parents watched Amelia. My mom whipped up a little dinner aftewards,  and just like that Christmas was over. I always get really sad on Christmas night when after all the hype through December, Christmas has come and gone. 

I had a great birthday (29) and have a couple really awesome friends (and husband) (and family) who make me feel super loved and appreciated every year, which I in turn, love and appreciate:) And that's pretty much a wrap for December (unless the below picture was taken in December). 

This is Amelia on her first ski adventure. Which was a complete disaster in more ways than one. Amelia did not enjoy skiing. or having skis on her feet for that matter. This isn't really surprising, my child is extremely cautious and ultra aware of her surroundings. Oh, and she's not even 3. She was probably trying to process the boots on her feet, and the skis, and then we were MOVING, and then I was hiking her up a hill, and the whole thing was just much too much. I just love her. It didn't make any of it easy or less frustrating as far as the work involved went (HA). but we tried, and she made her feelings known. We could all take a lesson.
 Besides, I have a hunch if she is anything like me, her detail oriented mind will come in handy one day when she is handling the technique of it all;)
 (because NOT skiing, is not an option in this family).

January: January was just a lot of randomness. 

We went to Mexico for a 5 day vacay with Chris' work. Cancun to be exact. Ryan and Emily were dolls, and watched Mills for 3 days, and my parents the remaining 2. It served as a good baby moon. 

Amelia got some sparkly ruby red slippers from my mom (aka: "grandma gorgeous") to add to her Dorothy get up, given to her from aunt Jeanine, sewed by aunt Diane, and worn by Ariana. Thats some pretty good family history right there. 

This is what a normal day looks like for Mills:

Notice we don't color with the crayons, we just organize them. 

Amelia invited her friend Olive over and they decorated cookies. Just lots and lots and LOTS of sprinkles. 

Part of the V-day card I made for Chris:

Valentines Eve- We set up our traditional hearts that we hang from the ceiling each year (you only have to cut these out ONE time and you are set for years. These are from like 2010). and a little V-day surprise for Mills. Lisa and Terry sent her that cute little chicken puppet which she now props on her bed everyday.

The next day I was finally 30 weeks! And I'm starting to waddle. Which means I'm getting close.

And last but not least: This picture of Mills. It cuts me straight to the heart. I love the kindness in her eyes, and her little half smile. It might be my very favorite of all. <3 <3 <3

I did it. My eyes are blurry. My back aches. 5 months- over and out.

xoxo- Steph