Wednesday, June 13, 2012

JP Hand Straight sample
First of all I want to note that before I had a baby, seeing other peoples posts about their babies wasn't that awesome and sometimes annoying, and I told myself I would not post a gazillion pictures and blog posts about the babe, once I had her. 
Not only do I take, post, and dote over pictures of Amelia, I actually thoroughly enjoy pictures and posts of other peoples sweet little angels as well. Must mark the right of passage into motherhood or something, because I literally cannot help myself.
This was Amelia's first week at church, it was so much fun putting her in this darling little dress (thank you Pat) and I have to add that Relief Society is a whole lot more fun with a babe on your lap. Amelia also has a new little cousin, Archer Buonforte, who she is very fond of if you can't tell in the following pics. He is just the cutest little man (literally, he looks like a miniature man) and I just love him, (even if he is a little touchy sometimes (haha Madi). 

Things I have learned (or re-learned) to do since the babe:

- How to use the bathroom in a in point 5 seconds

- How toSleep with the noisiest fans you have ever heard going (white   noise affect)

- How to function with no sleep

- Breakfast (lunch and dinner are yet to be achieved)

- Coming to terms with the fact that my hair might be in a bun for the rest of my life

- The names and locations of every drive thru restauran in Provo

- Wait for it to come to redbox

just to name a few...