Monday, January 2, 2012

JP Hand Straight sampleI can't believe I haven't posted since OCTOBER. I keep putting it off because my computer suddenly won't upload any pictures, and for some reason that makes me feel like I can't blog. But blogging is about writing, so here I go.

Life is good. I LOVE being pregnant, I feel awesome which I am so grateful for. It has been fun to go through the different stages of pregnancy, and understand finally what people have been talking about this whole time (minus the 3rd trimester). We found out our little baby is a GIRL on Christmas! We are both very happy about this (minus the fact that I only have ONE girl name that I like so far, even after looking at the baby almanac for names). 2 days ago we finally felt her kick from the outside which is now on my list of coolest life experiences- especially since before that, I had never even felt someone else's baby kick. I'm also taking a hypnobirthing class with Chris, which started out as a way to get around my fear of an epidural, but after learning about it,I wouldn't do it any other way (this is all out of the mouth of a woman who has never birthed a baby before of course;). I think I can do it!
I REALLY want to move out of this house before the baby is born in April. This has been a great little place, but I just can't envision raising a child here - the floor plan is wack. We almost bought a house in August but we pulled out at the last minute when we found out we were prego, so we could re-evaluate. I pass it everyday on my way to work, and it's still for sale, so I'm putting out the vibes to the universe that we can make it work if it's supposed to.

I took a math class in July, that I STILL haven't taken the final for, because I am petrified. I study for it every week, and only have to get a FIFTY percent on it, (if that indicates the severity of my mathematical struggles) and I still can't seem to nerve up, go in and take it- so as one of my new years goals, finishing the final is at the top of my list. That, and to stop asking Chris what he is doing every second.

This Christmas, was the first Christmas I spent away from home. We went to Huntington to celebrate with Chris' family (which was long overdue). I was a little nervous about this. I thought I would be really homesick for the food and traditions I look forward to every year at my home. I also like everything about white Christmas' and how magical it feels to be cozied up with your family, by a fire, while the wind howls outside on Christmas day (well good job Utah, you have been a real let down in that category this year) so the thought of palm trees surrounding me at Christmas time was a little unnerving. On the contrary I had a WONDERFUL time, the weather was beautiful, the food was great, and I love the Cirac fam, so that part was easy- except everyone kept beating me on Dance Dance, which I still don't understand? I feel like this is about to sound like some cheesy wrap up of a Sex in the City episode where Carrie Bradshaw is finishing her column, but truthfully: I think from here on out, as long as I'm with Chris at Christmas, it will feel like home. 

Cheers to 2012!!!! According to the Mayan's, we better live it up;)

A few Pics I scrounged up from Oct-Nov 2011:

My Beautiful Mom's Birthday

(Don Quixote, and side kick Sancho Panza)

Why is it still fun to pretend smoke??

Chris' Birthday up in Midway...

And at Granda Mauree's house