Friday, October 28, 2011

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The Nightmare Before Christmas' "This is Halloween" is probably the best Halloween song of all time I listen to it over and over during the month of October- followed by some creepy clips from my favorite Halloween movies... for those of us who don't like to psychologically disturbed. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

JP Hand Straight sampleChris and I are going to have a BABY! woot woot! April 18th is the official date- we are pretty excited. 
Being prego has been pretty weird. 
Things I have done that are not ok:
- Craving KFC
- Actually going into KFC and coming out with a bucket of coleslaw and biscuits.
- Eating a Crisp Pinto Bean burrito (approx 1,000 calories-but really) AND mexi fries, by MYSELF in the taco time parking lot
-  Eating del taco breakfast burritos every morning
- Letting the del taco bags accumulate in my car, so I have something to throw- up in. 
- Eating an entire block of cheese over the period of a day
- Watching Master chef for SEVEN hours straight, and then looking at Chris like he had lost his mind, when he asked me if I wanted to go on a walk with him. 
- Eating a whole entire burrito at Taco Bell, and then asking Chris if I could have one of the 2 tacos he ordered (which he kindly agreed to, and then had to get something else later on, because he was starving). 

Just to name a few.

It is no WONDER that I have gained TEN lbs, during the first trimester. Awesome. Babies are so worth it, but luckily, I feel a lot better these days and am returning to my healthier ways- cuz I'm pretty sure what I was doing was some form of child abuse.
 Finally the baby bells are actually sounding promising, and I am getting REAAAALLLYYY ecstatic about this whole pregnancy thing, and being a mom:)
I try not to actually think about the whole giving birth part. I'm still pretty concerned about that whole process- that's all I'm going to say about that.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

JP Hand Straight sample
For some reason this SNL skit makes me laugh every time- it's like a song that I try really hard not to overplay because I never want it to get old. Andy Samberg is golden.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

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To end the summer with a bang Chris and I went my with my family on an excursion to Goblin Valley last weekend. In Goblin Valley, you don't have to lay inside your tent at night wondering if every noise you hear is a bear outside your tent- because bears don't like the desert much (one of the many reasons I love it). Looking over an open field of sage brush or red sand has always made me feel right at home- From about the age 8 I promised myself I would live in Death Valley among the lizards one day and bask in the heat... I'm going to have to break that one- I almost died without A.C in our tents this time around. Definitely planning this again next year...Goblin Valley, I love you. Will you marry me?

I always post to many pics? Can't help it. 

                                                Good morning Patrick- you know you love this.

James was just loving his "multi purpose tool" that he got at rite aid for 6 $. Used for a number of things on our trip including bacon flipping.

 My dad was on FIRE during this hike- it was slightly freakish. He was bounding up hills and over rocks and yelling off the tops of mountains. Not a joke. Aren't you like 50 or something?
 I couldn't resist these darling pictures. Has water ever looked so good?