Thursday, November 13, 2014

Baby on the way!

JP Hand Straight sample

In my last post I mentioned having intentions to start blogging regularly in September, and here we are halfway through November, and not a single post (sigh). I do however have a good excuse! After trying for about 4 months Chris and I found out I was pregnant in early August! We were obviously ecstatic to welcome another little babe into our home and then about 6 weeks in, this baby threw me for a major surprise called morning sickness!

16 Weeks
 I guess I just assumed this pregnancy would go as smoothly as it did with Amelia, and I'll spare you the worst details, but I couldn't keep anything down for about....15 weeks, and somewhere in there, Im pretty sure I lost all my standards regarding house keeping, hygiene, and general health. Aside from being married to the couch, my daily yoga practice went down the drain, I lived on saltine crackers, yogurt, and little to no water. (You would THINK these would be grounds for weight loss, I assure you It's not). If I could get up, shower myself, and bathe amelia, it was considered a good day. 

Me sending creepy "sick" pictures to my sister

On top of this, Amelia was furious with me. I'm sure she was wondering why I wouldn't take her to the park, or play a game with her, or even just get off the couch. One day I walked in the kitchen to find her foraging through a bag of tomatoes a friend had given me from her garden, like a little orphan, for breakfast. This is the kind of parenting that was going on. Sometimes she would hit me, or pull my hair, and scream "STOP!" when I was throwing up, and all kinds of other dramatic attempts to get my attention. Poor girl. Luckily around 5:00 everyday her Dad would come. 

Orphan Amelia

I wish I had a picture of Chris, with a giant golden halo drawn around his head and angel wings, but even then it wouldn't come close to describing  how I felt when he walked through that door every night. He. Saved. Us. He played with Amelia, made homemade meals, swept and mopped floors, washed and folded laundry, did the dishes, made multiple grocery store trips for random cravings I had, ran errands, and the list goes on. It was pretty much a 12 hour work day for him everyday, and I can only imagine he was tired and frustrated, but he rarely let it show and I think my love grew for him 10 fold over the course of my sickness. He was really the only way we survived 

Homemade tomato soup by Chris
I really thought the day would never come when I would feel good again, but alas one day I woke up and the nausea had lifted. I started having more good days than bad, eating healthier, and by my 16 week appointment, I had even lost a whopping 3 lbs. I am still taking nausea medication a couple times a day to keep things at bay, but its all worth it to hear that little baby's heartbeat. Amelia is also pretty sure she has a baby in her tummy too. 

look at this cutie pie:

Feelin good about feeling good!!! xoxo-Steph

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  1. Oh Steph, I so wish I knew a little more about all of this when it was happening. I couldnt see past our own little crisis. Im so sorry I never stopped by with a box of cereal for Amelia and something yummy for you. So glad your feeling better. Its so crazy to say because I have the worst pregnancies, but somehow its all worth it.