Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Amelia!

On April 22nd Amelia turned 3! We put balloons in her room the night before while she was sleeping so she would be surprised in the morning, and hopefully give us a few more minutes of sleep;) When she woke up she ran down the hall, and declared that it was her BIRTHDAY! We gave her a tiny gift that we had waiting by our bed- a magnifying glass (for the girl who thinks she loves, but is actually terrified of, bugs). It kept her pretty occupied inside all morning, until we were able to search for bugs later that afternoon (we can handle potato bugs and box elders so far).

In the afternoon we brought donuts to the park and invited a few friends to come play! By the end Amelia had Capri Sun running down her shirt, sticky sucker hands, and a blue tongue- she also took a 3 hour nap (naps are scarce around here these days) so I'd say it was a success. 

Since we were expecting the baby at any time, we didn't plan a big get together like usual, so we just ordered some pizza, got a little cake, and invited Madi and Arch, Pat, Ry, and Em to come celebrate. 
I bought that little "Happy Birthday" headband when I got the balloons- which she DID NOT want to wear. I bribed her and told her that she had to put it on if she wanted to open her presents (psycho mom) because I couldn't let it go to waste! At least I got one good pic;) 

Above: Amelia listening to the baby's heart beat with her new "Doc Mc Stuffins" doctor gear. Madi is known for giving gifts that every child loves and every parent hates, which makes her pretty popular with the young folk (we eventually hid the "Doc Mc Stuffins theme song" light up Microphone for our sanity).

Amelia on her first BIKE!!!! It was really fun seeing her reaction when she saw her shiny red bike waiting outside. She ran outside as fast as she could and yelled"A bike!!!!" every parents dream come true. Her feet barely reach the pedals though- I think we'll need a few more months.

Note: Archer holding "the mic"
Then we sang and blew out the candles, and Amelia handled it like a boss. The cutest little 3 year old I ever did see. 

It's her party, she can cry if she wants to.


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